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A Unique Piece That Fits Your Style

At Sewelô, we don’t just sell jewelry. We’re on a mission to bring a little bit of magic to mindful and strong women around the world. We believe that high quality jewelry shouldn’t just be for a limited group of people , and strive to offer fair pricing while keeping ethical sourcing in mind.

Each piece of handmade jewelry is inspired, going from vision to reality like a dream coming to life. When we handcraft jewelry we use only quality materials and focus on meticulous craftsmanship so your jewelry will be with you for a long time. Some of our customers have told us they have purchased our very special handmade jewelry with the intension of passing it on to their children and grandchildren.


With Sewelô TM  you can buy Handmade leather bag from our partners. All the collection is made from genuine full grain leather and handcrafted by skilled and professional craftsmen. 

We will only offer premium handmade leather bags from selected partners. We create stylish, inspiring, and quality things. Always open to partnerships, ready to provide advice and support.


We are also working hard through this pandemic context to propose handmade in collaboration with small artisan producers all over the world using recycled gold-tone brass, aluminium, silver and locally sourced, sustainable materials. Buying directly from the artisans and shipping straight to the customer’s doorsteps, we will offer the best quality products at a fair price.


Our high quality handmade jewelry is handcrafted in varied styles using a wide variety of unique and rare semi precious & precious gemstones, premium artistic glass, sterling silver, gold and other metals.

All of our designs are versatile so your jewelry can go with you just about anywhere. Our handmade jewelry is one of a kind or limited edition, and is sent to you packaged, ready for giving. The most personal touch you can add to any gift is personalizing it with your own words.

Whether it’s Gold, Silver, Platinum or Glass, we can customize all your gifts. Our services offer a wide variety of engraving services and merchandise for consumers and businesses.

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